Now NAPSA engages Kabimba’s law firm to recover K90m from MMD

NAPSA has issued a warrant of distress to recover about K90 million from the MMD through PF general secretary Wynter Kabimba’s law firm, W.M Kabimba and Company.

According to a letter dated, 6th November from Kabimba’s law firm, MMD has been ordered to pay the outstanding amount within seven days. The debt was allegedly contracted for refurbishment of Lusaka House, where the MMD had its headquarters while in government.

The NAPSA warrant of distress comes less than 24 hours after the MMD cleared the K390 million statutory fees. Both Registrar of Societies Clement Andeleki and MMD president Dr Nevers Mumba have confirmed the payment of the debt.

However, Dr Mumba has expressed ignorance of any money owed to NAPSA. He said the party owed NAPSA previously but that they had cleared the debt without any outstanding balance.

Dr Mumba also said he had a closed door meeting with Andeleki where he explained that if there is any challenge with the party, he should be able to communicate quickly for them to have a discussion in the interest of party members and Zambians.

Before elections that saw the PF in power, Kabimba and his law firms lost most cases they took to court due to the quality of lawyers in the firm.  It remains to be seen if this time Kabimba will win a case in a competent and independent court.

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