Now Nsanda says GBM is half Zambian, mother South African

Now Nsanda says GBM is half Zambian, mother South African

As usual the PF vuvuzela and propaganda Newspaper, The POST recently ran a banner headline titled ‘Nsanda goes for GBM’ but neglected to give the full version of outbursts made by Willie Nsanda, a top PF official, during a live interview on Radio Mano in Kasama, where he went to scandalize his close-friend Geoffrey Bwalya Mwamba.

Speaking in a mixed grill of Bemba and a bit of English, Nsanda charged that Geoffrey Mwamba is not a pure-Bemba to lecture anybody on succession issues of Paramount Chief Chitimukulu due to his questionable parentage.

“Mwamba’s father was a Bemba from Kasama but his mother was a Zulu from South Africa. So, he is half Zambian and half South African,” Nsanda said. “As for me, my mother is Bemba from Chandamukulu while my father comes from Chinsali.’’ In South Africa there are succession wrangles of chieftainship but I do not know if Mwamba will also go there and intercede.’’

‘’I am asking Mwamba to stop entangling himself in succession issues of the Chitimukulu but leave such matters to elders. He doesn’t know the Bemba tradition and I don’t which culture he is advocating for,” Nsanda charged.

Nsanda also questioned Mwamba’s mental stability following his shocking resignation as Defence Minister without consulting him.

“We had Saviour Chishimba (Ex-Kasama Central PF MP) but he became confused and we brought in Mwamba thinking things will change. But alas, things are still the same. Maybe our friend (Mwamba) is not okay.  We’ll see when he gets tired here (in Kasama) and decides to come to Lusaka maybe we’ll request him to take a medical review to ascertain his mental status? We may be blaming Mwamba when in fact he has a problem,” Nsanda claimed.

And in his usual inconsistencies in responding questions, Nsanda ended up contradicting himself by saying Mwamba is popular as Kasama Central MP.

‘’I am advising Mwamba as his (ex) Campaign Manager and Boss that where-ever he is he must get back to his senses. If he wants to work with people, since you haven’t left PF, let him do so. The people of Kasama love him but only hate his actions,” Nsanda said.

But Nsanda was not done with his love for the microphone as he provided a ‘shocker’ by revealing that Mwamba was President Sata’s favourite Cabinet Minister in the PF regime.

“Of all the Ministers, Mwamba was the most liked by President Sata. That is why whenever Mwamba thought of eating traditional foods at his home in Kasama, a plane was given to fly him here. But for me, I have to travel by road to come Kasama” Nsanda said.

When queried by a caller why he failed to meet Mwamba and iron their differences, Nsanda said he feared for his life because his friend was allegedly a violent person.

“I haven’t gone to see him at residence because he (Mwamba) is a very temperamental person and can even beat me. I know him very well when he is emotional, he is difficult to control,” Nsanda said.

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