Now PF abandons street vendors

The same PF government which legalised street vending upon forming government is now calling on members of the public to shun buying items from street vendors.

Answering on a barrage of questions from opposition MPs who wanted to know when the PF will build markets, Local Government and Housing Minister Emmanuel Chenda, called for members of the general public including MPs to sensitize members of the public to shun buying goods from vendors as a way of discouraging the vice.

Chenda also confirmed that street vendors from most urban areas such as Lusaka’s Cairo, Chachacha road, and Freedom Way will be removed and be taken to designated areas.

Choma MP Cornelius Mweetwa rose on a point of order as to when the PF government position changed on legalising street vending since his predecessor Emerine Kabanshi was on record having allowed street vending.

In response, Chenda said the PF government was that of laws and not men and so the law was very clear that vending was illegal.

He also complained about political interference in the running of markets in the country, but did not mention which political party was interfering.

When they assumed office, then PF Secretary General Wynter Kabimba ordered that vendors be allowed to operate freely because of lack of employment.

The scourge has now become rampant and the vendors have turned against the PF government, so the PF wants to remove them.

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