Now PF blames Zambezi river for impending massive power cuts

The PF Government says there will soon be another round of intense load-shedding across the country in addition to the current power cuts.

But this time the People’s Fault (PF) is blaming nature and in particular the mighty Zambezi River.

Energy and Water Development Deputy Minister Charles Zulu claims that water levels at Kariba North Bank have gone down and therefore the country will soon be experiencing load shedding due to the reduced power generation.

He said said low water levels pose a threat on the power generation for the whole country.

Zulu said the situation should not be blamed on Zambia Electricity Supply Corporation (ZESCO) but due to low water levels.
“Water levels have really gone down at Kariba North Bank and because of this we expect the whole country to experience load-shedding anytime soon. We expect the whole situation to normalize after six months once rains start next season,” he said.


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