Now PF blames Zimbabwe for masisve loadshedding

The PF regime has come up with another reason for subjecting the country to unbearable load shedding, which it is just extended from 8 hours to about 18 hours in one day.

Former MMD minister but now PF minister Dora Siliya says the current miser is triggered by a technical fault from the power interconnector in Zimbabwe.

This is actually not true as everyone in ok in Zimbabwe.

Siliya told Parliament yesterday that there has been a fault with the interconnector of power in Zimbabwe which Zambia uses to import emergency power from either South Africa or Mozambique.

She even describes 8 hours of darkness in day as normal loadshedding.

“Normal load-shedding is supposed to be eight hours according the schedule, but in the recent past days some parts of the country have experienced extended hours of load-shedding because we have a problem with the interconnector of power in Zimbabwe.

“We have a problem with the interconnector of power from Zimbabwe which we use in terms of importing our power, whether it’s from Mozambique or South Africa because it comes through the Zimbabwean interconnector,” she said.

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