Now PF bribes UPND polling agents to sign fake results

A UPND anti-rigging team in Solwezi has caught one of its own polling agents with pre-signed results in favour of PF.
After being interrogated, the agent told the UPND team that he is not the only as a good number of them were paid huge sums of money by the PF to sign certificates favouring PF even before counting has started.
The cornered agent explained that the pre-signed certificates would be swapped with real certificates at night and that it is the pre-signed certificates that will be tallied by ECZ.
The treacherous agent said a lot of agents from both the MMD and UPND have been paid to do the same in all the five constituencies where bye-elections are taking place today.
The PF plans to disable electricity, internet and mobile services at night to enable rigging.

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