Now PF changes statement on ebola ban

PF government Health Minister Joseph Kasonde says Zambia has not banned entry into the country of all individuals coming from Ebola hit countries but has merely issued a travel advisory.

Contradicting himself further, Kasonde said a travel advisory is not a ban but a travel advice restricting not only nationals of the affected countries but anyone traveling from the affected countries into Zambia. This restriction is even wwider in scope than a mere ban of people from ebola hit countries.

Kasonde said that the travel advisory is a precautionary measure to ensure that Ebola does reach Zambia.

He was speaking at the Harry Mwaanga International Airport in Livingstone when he held a meeting with stakeholders.

He also announced that anyone suspected of having contracted the Ebola virus will be quarantined.

Ebola has broken out in West Africa and countries affected by the outbreak are Nigeria, Sierra Leone, Guinea and Liberia.

A statement posted on the Ministry of Health website on Saturday said Zambia would restrict entry of travellers from countries affected by the Ebola virus and would ban Zambians from travelling to those countries.

“All delegates from any of the countries affected by Ebola virus disease are restricted from entering Zambia until further notice,”

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