Now PF extends price controls to bread

Now PF extends price controls to bread

PF deputy minister for finance Miles Sampa has ordered bakers in the country to reduce the price of bread.

Sampa says the government has removed the 16 percent on bread related raw material the more reason bakers should reciprocate the gesture.

The minimum price for ordinary bread in Zambia costs K5, 000 (KR 5 rebased).

Sampa has warned that government will not hesitate to deal with bakeries that will not reduce the price of the commodity.

Zambia is experiencing a rise in prices for essential commodities with mealie meal, the country’s staple food, attracting double or in some case triple cost adjustments.

President Michael Sata was recently forced to summon millers to State House to reduce the price of mealie meal for a 25 kg bag to less than K50, 000 (KR 50 rebased) although not all millers in the country have done so.

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