Now PF factions place spies on each other

The panic within the PF reached new levels this afternoon following yesterday’s Supreme Court ruling that Edgar Lungu has not been constitutionally elected as the official presidential candidate for the PF.

Sources close to Lungu have explained to us that he is increasingly concerned he will now lose the PF nomination in favour of Miles Sampa, who is thought to have the stronger legal case.

This has led to suggestions that Lungu has been trying to file his nomination before Saturday, in advance of the court hearing to force through the hearing.

As no stranger to deceitful tactics, it seems Lungu has placed a spy in the centre of Guy Scott’s camp. Earlier today, a letter, written by Acting President Guy Scott to the Acting Chief Justice Madam Lombe Chibesakunda was leaked with sources suggesting Emmanuel Chenda, the Local Government and Housing Minister, was responsible.

Having been previously been a public supporter of Scott, Chenda is now known to be working for the Lungu camp and Lungu is using him to keep him updated with key information relating to the PF nomination.

It is thought that, having been shown the letter by Chenda, Lungu asked for it to be leaked to try to pressurise Mrs Chibesakunda through the media to support his case whilst at the same time publically requesting that she ignores the letter.

A source close to the discussions told us, ‘Given the closeness between Mrs Chibesakunda and her relative, the late President’s wife, Dr Kaseba, Lungu believes she will follow the legal argument and award the nomination to Miles Sampa. He wants to stop this by any means necessary.’

Meanwhile, in a further twist, it seem Miles Sampa also has his own spy in the Lungu camp in the form of Sylvia Masebo, who is said to be keeping Sampa updated with all Lungu’s plans.  However, there is speculation that Lungu knows about the deal Ms Masebo has with Miles Sampa and is feeding her inaccurate information knowing it will go back to Miles.

The state of disunity between the ruling party has reached new levels of distrust and with the nomination dates set for 20th December, the PF face a very real possibility of failing to enter any candidate at all.

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