Now PF fail to purchase even Ante-Natal cards for hospitals

Shortage of Ante-Natal cards has hit some rural health centre facilities of Chinsali district of Muchinga Province.

The shortage has prompted health facility staff to request pregnant women to buy school exercise books which are used in place of the requisite to capture the much needed medical information for the clients.

A check by the Zambia News and Information Services (ZANIS) in the area today has revealed that several pregnant women trooping for their ante-natal medical check-ups were equipped with exercise books in their hands.

Many of them interviewed have expressed dislike at the situation saying it is very risky to keep such information for easy follow ups.

The affected women  revealed in an interview that since the start of this year, both the Anti-Natal and under five cards had run out of stock.

“ This situation is the main cause why some of us shun  these important clinics, ‘ they said..

And Provincial Medical Officer (PMO), Charles Chungu has attributed the shortage of both under five and Ante-Natal cards to the damaged procurement system at the ministry of health headquarters in Lusaka.

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