Now PF fears soldiers will take over

Now PF fears soldiers will take over


Armed forces can take over government during petition, worries Kasolo

There is real danger that unruly armed forces can take advantage of the power gap created by the presidential petition to take over the civilian role of government, says Chanda Kasolo.

Due to the sane fear of soldiers taking over and in order to appease them, the PF government decided to pay soldiers last week before any other government worker. Civil servants have not been paid though their pay day was on 20th.

And Reformed Church in Zambia Synod moderator Professor Edwin Zulu says the Church is on its knees praying for peace in Zambia.

Officiating at the 29th RCZ Synod Council at Katete Girls Secondary School on Thursday, Kasolo, the Eastern Province permanent secretary, said he was worried that the power gap could get out of hand.

“Of course, this gap, if you like, what this power gap has created is danger, real danger that it can get out of hand. There is real danger that unruly armed forces could take a chance to take over the civilian role of government. Those are real dangers, we must address this going forward,” Kasolo said.

He said once the court upholds Edgar Lungu’s election, he would advocate for the amendment of the Constitution because he does not believe that the 50 per cent plus one threshold for the president served any purpose.

“My appeal when we finally get our President installed, and I have no doubt, some of us are going to put our shoulder in and push to make amendments to this new Constitution. I do not personally believe 50 per cent plus one serves any purpose at all other than to create instability,” Kasolo said.

He urged the Church to continue praying and preaching peace in the country.

“The post-election violence has been made worse by the changes in the Constitution, in particular the introduction of the 50 plus one and the requirement that we would have a rerun and the requirement also that you can stop the process of the government moving along by a petition. This makes a big gap and I know the Church is praying and our pastors and politicians have been speaking up and let them continue to emphasise peace,” said Kasolo.

And Rev Zulu said the Church was patriotic and that was the reason it encouraged its members to go and vote en masse in the just-ended election and referendum.

“This time when we are awaiting for the finalisation of the electoral process, we are on our knees to pray for peace in this country so that whatever comes forth after these processes, we shall remain a peaceful and united nation,” said

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