Now PF government loots Zambia Police thrift society funds

Police officers who have been contributing to the Thrift society account can no longer withdraw their money because PF government has embezzled the funds, in spite of deducting the money at pay point.

For the past one month the thrift society which is located in Sikanze camp hasn’t been giving out money as managers have been lying that the network was bad but yesterday the sources at the centre disclosed that the officers’ contributions have been diverted to PF campaigns using accounts opened at the Zambia intelligence security services (ZISS)

“We are at pains to tell you that we cannot give you your money. Its not the network but we have not been receiving your remittances from the ministry of finance, we thought this would be for a short time but now we don’t know what to do,” the officer was heard telling other officers who wanted money yesterday and were in the company of a Watchdog reporter who disguised himself as a policeman.

Under this system, the thrift works like a cooperative society for police officers who get deductions from their salaries. Others have been contributing since 1997 but they cannot now access their money. The contributions are in the range of K500 to as much as K1,500 per month.

Another impeccable source at ministry of finance confirmed that when the money was deducted from police officers it was channeled to an office of the President (OP) account and later surrendered to PF. She said that there were five accounts opened under OP into which money was being stolen by PF.

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