Now PF member files injunction against holding of general conference

A PF member Fube Mulenga has filed an injunction in the Lusaka Highcourt asking the court to stop the party general conference scheduled for 28th and 29th November from taking place due to irregularities in the nomination process.

In his sworn affidavit before the Lusaka high Court Judge in charge Isaac Chali, Mulenga says that it was in breach of article 52(i) of the PF constitution for acting president Guy Scott to have been the one receiving the nominations instead of the party secretary general who is the chief executive officer of the party. Fube prays that the court stops the general conference from taking place until the correct procedure is followed.

Mulenga has sued PF secretary general Bridget Atanga and Scott as first and second respondents respectively and Judge Chali has set tomorrow, Monday 24th November as date for hearing.

Another member, Newton Nguni has sued Scott demanding that the court allows the central committee to select a presidential candidate for the 20th January Presidential by election.

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