Now PF Minister says it is not police responsibility to prevent robberies

Home affairs minister Davis Mwila has asked citizens to find other means of making sure that their vehicles are not stolen, after banning the parking of private vehicles at police stations for safe keeping.

“When you are buying that car of yours, is it the duty of the police to ensure that it is not stolen?” Mwila asked ZNBC TV presenter Grevazio Zulu during a live Sunday Interview programme. Mwila however admitted that there are no police foot patrols due to lack of transport but did not seem moved by the concern that people’s lives will be at risk because now thieves know that vehicles are being parked at home.

Due to poor security in residential areas most motorists park their vehicles at nearest police stations, but last week Mwila issued a directive to police not to allow that, in spite of that provision in the revised Zambia Police Act of 1999.

Just about a fortnight ago. Information minister Chishimba Kambwili and his labour counterpart said that it was not government responsibility to create jobs for people in the country, this was in response to challenges of high unemployment levels which have led graduates into street vending.

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