Now PF MP admits government has failed to develop Luapula province

PF Chipili MP Davies Mwila has openly said the PF must face reality and take development to Luapula province after being in office for two years. He says it is inappropriate that ailing dictator Michael Sata’s government to pretend that all was well in the province when it was not.

The parliamentarian who recently resigned his position of deputy defence minister was speaking during a provincial development coordinating committee  (PDCC) meeting at Mansa’s Henry Courtyard hotel and categorized the PF’s failures in the province as; the failure to attract investors, failure to repossess former state owned companies such as Mansa batteries, Kawambwa Tea company and Mununshi Banana scheme which he said must just as well be forgotten.

Government has allocated huge sums of money for building schools in the province but no infrastructure has come up and recently the Zambian Watchdog exposed the abandonment of Kalanga secondary school due to lack of funds.

“Let us be realistic and ask ourselves that as government, what development have we delivered to Luapula province? We need to stop pretending, we need to face the reality. Let us not speak for the sake of impressing ourselves and the nation, there is no development taking place in Luapula!” warned Chipili.

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