Now PF plan to maim Miles Sampa

From outside source.
1. Latest Intelligence Information received indicates that from persecuting GBM, the power President Lungu’s desperation instincts have now made him to authorise the maiming of former Matero member of parliament Miles Sampa so as to cripple the opposition UPND’s campaigns, by either stagge managed accidents, shooting and helicopter crash.
2. According to the document in our possession, the president does not want to kill Sampa but just want him to be badly injured and evacuate him to the hospital in South Africa. The stage managed maiming of Miles Sampa by President Lungu’s well trained deadly agents is scheduled to take place in the month of June.

3. The desperate Heard of State wants to achieve this through a road accident, but the possibility of having Miles Sampa killed are very high.
4. President Lungu has been warned that his popularity across the country has gone down and fears that Miles Sampa and GBM’s combination in campaigns will see him lose terribly.
5. If an accident fails, President Lungu is planning to use his well trained militia to shot Sampa in the legs, the plan is not to have him killed, but to maim him so that he cannot be able to campaign.
6. The ZAF commander is a full time PF campaign manager,and at one point, he had proposed to President Lungu to cause the crash of the helicopter carrying GBM so that his threats are eliminated. But President Lungu objected to the killing saying it will back fire against him but just authorised the overzealous ZAF commander to cripple the UPND helicopters.
7. Silvia Masebo to be arrested and detained for fake charges. The plan is to prevent her from campaigning.
8. Police officers to prevent people from attending UPND rallies by deployed heavily armed officers to intimidate them.
9. HH, Guy Scott, Mulenga Sata, Maureen Mwanawasa, Mutale Nalumango must not be harmed.
10. Miles Sampa, GBM and Silvia Masebo are regarded to pose biggest threat to the continued existence of the Patriotic Front as the trio is capable of unseating President Lungu through the ballot box as they command a large number of people in Lusaka, Copperbelt, Northern, Luapula and Muchinga Provinces.
11. Levy Ngoma is feared in Eastern Province but President Lungu has no intention of injuring him.
12. PF manifesto to be printed in Dubai together with ballot papers.
13. President Lungu, ECZ, Timor Israel Compang and the Dubai Printing Company agreed to rig elections in favour of Lungu if the UPND will not be very careful. The hiring of fake prophets and the filling of the hero’s stadium to the capacity by busing people was meant to prepare Zambians to accept rigged elections.
14. PF sex workers to collect clients voter’ s cards for rigging purposes.
15. ZNBC to continue blocking UPND’s campaign adverts and put those for PF and other smaller parties.
16. Money hungry church leaders to continue supporting PF even when its carders commits acts of violence.
17. Chishimba Kambwili and other vocal PF leaders to continue insulting UPND leaders using ZNBC TV and Radio.
18. ZNBC TV, ZNBC Radio, Daily Nations, Zambia Daily Mail and Times of Zambia to continue carrying propaganda messages against the UPND as a party, UPND leaders and ordinary members.
18. ZNBC reporters who are receiving funding from PF to continue carrying out propaganda campaigns in terms of reporting infrastructural development.
19. Police Officers to beat up and injure UPND supporters for intimidation purpose.
20. Although the issues of tribalism and privatization are no longer working for the PF, the desperate ruling party to continue preaching about them. The propaganda of accusing HH to divide the country through Barosteland to continue despite Inonge Wina being running mate to Lungu.
21. President Lungu, Priscilar Isaacs, Chishimba Kambwili and other PF members to flee Zambia after PF loses elections this year. Edgar Lung to seek asylum to Saudi Arabia after losing elections this year before his immunity is removed.
22. More than 30 intelligence officers to continue following UPND leaders. PF has employed some men and women to follow UPND leaders wherever they go and pay people to boo or stone them and use the police to defend themselves in terms of retaliation.
23. President Lungu has recruited and is paying PF members to destroy UPND Bill Boards working in conjunction with ECZ and the Police.

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