Now PF plants ‘vigilantees’ in milling companies

PANIC has gripped the Patriotic Front (PF) government over the persistent shortage of mealie meal which has hit various parts of the country and is now alleged to have resorted to sending its cadres to various milling companies to monitor and observe the selling of the commodity.

A Director at one of the milling company in Kitwe said some PF cadres had been planted at his company to monitor how mealie meal transactions were being carried and if at all there were people loading the commodity to be sold at Kasumbalesa border post with the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC). The director, who was speaking after Copperbelt Minister Mwenya Musenge toured Mpongwe and Chat Milling Companies, said he would chase any government minister who would come to talk nonsense at his company. “I know that they have planted cadres to monitor and observe the selling of mealie meal at various milling companies which include my company, but i don’t worry because am a business man and i sell my commodity to any one who has money. “I should not be told to whom i should be selling my mealie meal to. No. In fact if any minister, Musenge or who ever comes here to talk rubbish, i will chase him. Am a Zambian and i know my rights. “If this PF Government cares about the people it should come up with its own milling company where it should be selling mealie meal at a give way price without taking into consideration the production and transportation costs,” said the Director. He said PF government should stop making trips to milling companies to talk nonsense because their government was the cause of the mealie meal shortage. “The decision by the PF Government to introduce price controls on mealie meal without taking into consideration the production and transportation costs has contributed to the shortage of the commodity. He said the behavior of the PF government to control mealie meal prices had greatly contributed to the shortage of the commodity in the country because some millers had stopped transporting the commodity to far flung areas. “Some millers have stopped selling transporting mealie meal to far flung areas because there is a cost to it. So they would rather produce the mealie meal and keep it at their premises until they find a market which would buy the commodity and a very acceptable price “For myself, am selling the mealie meal at K50 at the plant and those who are buying here, are selling at K60 or K65 because they need to get some profits, just like i would like to get some profits,” He said He said he would only transport mealie meal to a customer who would buy the commodity at a price that would give him a good profit. And in another development, Copperbelt Minister Mwenya Musenge yesterday assumed the role of supervising the selling of mealie meal at Chimwemwe Township Mpongwe Milling sales outlet. The Copperbelt Minister was in Kitwe on Tuesday to get an on the ground information regarding the shortage of mealie meal in the province. Mr Musenge took over the position of supervising the selling of mealie meal at the Mpongwe Milling outlet in Chimwemwe Township when some women complained to him that the company was not selling the commodity to consumers, but to vendors and retailers. After the consumers complained to the minister, who is also Chimwemwe constituency Member of Parliament (MP), the minister in the usual PF way of doing things, he ordered that all those who were outside to buy mealie meal be sold the commodity. “Am telling you that you should right now start selling the commodity to these women and youths outside the shop. People are starving with hunger and you are selling 30 bags of mealie mealie to individuals instead of selling the commodity to the consumers who only want one to two bags of mealie meal,” said Mr Musenge. Whilst he was supervising the mealie meal sales, one official from Mpongwe Milling Company told the minister and his entourage to be careful because the people he was selling the commodity to, had a trick of coming back in different clothes so that they were not recognized.

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