Now PF regime fires Hamasaka’s wife

Now PF regime fires Hamasaka’s wife


The PF regime has now fired Pamela Hamasaka, the wife of former head of Journalism department at Evelyn Hone College, Clyason Hamasaka.

Clayson Hamasaka was fired from Evelyn Hone two weeks ago following a visit to the college by leader of the opposition United Party for National Development Hakainde Hichilema.

His wife Pamela was fired (yesterday) Wednesday afternoon from Lusaka Water and Sewerage Company where she was head of public relations.

No reasons were given for her dismissal.

Meanwhile, veteran lecturer Clayson Hamsaka has been offered jobs at two universities and one media house within the region.

One public university in the region has offered Hamasaka a job as lecturer in its media studies department.

The other university in South Africa has also offered Hamasaka a job as researcher. Yet another media house in the region has offered Hamasaka a job to lead its editorial team.

Meanwhile, some international Media organisations have been interviewing Hamasaka on the declining freedom of speech in the country from the time the PF took over power. The named international organisations are also interviewing other people and the reports will be published and submitted to donors and other interest groups by the end of this year.

Both Hamasaka and his wife are graduates of the University of Zambia.

And the Watchdog understands that the PF regime is trying to find a case to charge Hamasaka with. Information from the DEC indicates that the government was embarrassed by the way it dismissed Hamasaka without a proper reason so DEC has been tasked to find a case.

Two weeks before Hakainde Hichilema went to tour Evelyn Hone College, defence minister Geoffrey Mwamba and Education minister John Phiri summoned Hone college principle and ordered him to fire Hamasaka.

The two ministers were acting on false information provided to them by Amos Malupenga that Hamasaka is the chairperson of the Zambian Watchdog.

By the time Hichilema went to Hone, Hamasaka was already in the process of being fired. The visit by Hichilema therefore gave the government the much needed excuse to fire Hamasaka on the pretext that he is inviting politicians to the college.

Hamasaka was once a columnist for the Post newspaper and wrote damning articles against the governments of Levy Mwanawasa and Rupiah Banda but was never victimised by these governments.

Hamasaka is a well-known and respected media trainer. Most of the journalists currently practicing in Zambia went through his hands.

People like State House spokesperson George Chellah, Northern province permanent secretary Emmanuel Mwamba all went through the moulding hands of the man the government is now victimising.

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