Now PF regime plans to deport journalist Pondamali

Now PF regime plans to deport journalist Pondamali

The PF regime now plans to deport Kabwe based journalist Wilson Pondamali to either Malawi or Tanzania.

The latest scheme to deport Pondamali is being pushed by president Michael Sata (currently in hospital in UK) Tourism minister Sylvia Masebo and  Chieftainess Nkomeshya.

Masebo believes that Pondamali is the journalist who has been exposing her political prostitution and hooliganism.

Chieftainess Nkomeshya also believes that Pondamali is the one who has been exposing her ill-fated moves to expand her chiefdom and her sexual involvement with a named priest.

Wilson Pondamali is an investigative journalist who was arrested on 16 July 2013 and charged with possession of military pamphlets, stealing a novel, malicious damage to property and attempted escape from lawful custody.

The real reason he was arrested and handcuffed to his hospital bed for close to two weeks was his suspected links to this publication.

Police have told the Watchdog that the current charges on Pondamali and other journalists being harassed are not working as the site continues to operate smoothly and in fact the government is being embarrassed both locally and internationally.

“So we have been told to coordinate with immigration and citizenship board to declare Pondamali a foreigner and have him deported to either Malawi or Tanzania where there are other people with the name Pondamali’, a senior police officer told the Watchdog.

The source said so far the National Registration office (NCR) has been contacted and they are preparing to announce that Pondamali forged his NRC.

When the police apprehended Pondamali on Tuesday 16th July, he had two personal bags containing clothes and personal vital documents and after the house raid in early hours of Wednesday, 17th, they went away with many properties and documents from the house.

The police have handed back his clothes but they are keeping his NRC, his daughter’s NRC and grade 12 school results slip and some cash, laptop and memory cards.

Pondamali’s late father was a teacher born in Shacholi village, Chieftainess Nkomeshya’s village in Chongwe district. He died in 1984. His mother is from Chandwa village, chief Chipepo in Central province. His grandfather was a village headman.

President Sata loves such barbaric behaviour. When he was MMD national Secretary, he organised the deportation of UNIP supportersJohn Chinula and William Banda to Malawi. Chinula was later poisoned and died in Malawi apparently because he had a lot of data on late president Fredrick  Chiluba’s origins as the duo worked together in Atlas Copco

Sata and Chiluba once attempted to deport first Zambian president Kenneth Kaunda to Malawi.

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