Now PF regime starts border dispute with Angola

The Zambian Government says it will soon engage Angola regarding a brewing border discomfort.

Deputy minister of Lands Elijah Muchima  says  Angola  has been making claims that River Kuando and some property including a school in the region belong to it.

Elijah Muchima was elected as MMD member of parliament for  Ikeleng’i in North-western province but was poached by the PF to serve as a junior minister in its regime.

Angola shares borders with Zambia along the North-western and Western provinces.

“The river is on the Angolan side, but during floods the water stretches to the Zambians side,” Muchima claimed an Angolan official had said.

Muchima told Parliament Thursday that the two countries inherited border markings left by colonialists.

Muchima is

“The government will consider looking at the issues in detail while bearing in mind AU guidelines on these matters. We shall engage our counterparts on a bilateral level, “he said.

President Michael Sata, on assuming office last year, sent the first republican president Kenneth Kaunda to Angola to apologise over the previous regime’s conduct during that country’s civil war.

The Angolan civil war was started after the country gained independence from Portugal and it lasted from 1975 to 2002 when the leader of the Union for the Total Independence of Angola (Unita), Jonas Savimbi died at the hands of ruling MPLA forces.

Angola never responded to the apology by Michael Sata.

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