Now PF says it is indiscipline to demonstrate against elected members and those appointed by Sata

PF deputy Secretary General Bridget Attanga has now directed all party members to immediately stop demonstrations against the Wynter Kabimba members around the country.

Attanga said it was indiscipline to demonstrate against senior party officials appointed by the president or those that are elected.

Ms Attanga’s directive is a complete departure from the way PF thugs treated their former Secretary General Kabimba whom they were demonstrating against on a daily basis despite being appointed by president Michael Sata.

Among those in the Kabimba camps that have been targeted for demonstrations are politics of the belly politician Daniel Munkombwe who is also Southern province PF chairman and deputy minister for the province.

PF members in Southern province also want Ministry of Justice Permanent Secretary Joseph Akafumba and Copperbelt Permanent Secretary Howard Sikwela be removed from their positions.

Several other Kabimba allies such as Local Government and Housing Minister Emmanuel Chenda, Chongwe MP Silvia Masebo, and most of the District Commissioners in the Country, are facing huge frustration to work in the PF because of their closeness to former Justice Minister and PF Secretary General Wynter Kabimba.

Senior party officials such as Lusaka province PF Chairperson Geoffrey Chumbwe and Lusaka province Youth Chairperson Kennedy Nkamba are all facing resistance to work with the PF’s B team.

On Sunday, Munkombwe told his friends at the Post newspaper, that the people who organised a failed protest march against him and recently dismissed PF secretary general Wynter Kabimba in Livingstone are failures who have been trying to sneak into the party.

PF cadres assembled at Mukuni Park and called for the dissolution of the Munkombwe led PF provincial executive.

“I was appointed by President Sata, let them tell the President and if he is convinced, he can fire me. But I don’t think there is any reason to worry about them. Those are the people who have been trying to sneak into the party and they have been failing because of their former record and they can’t use me for their failures, they are failures. All those people who were there are failures,” Munkombwe said who himself is also basically a chancer in the PF.

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