Now PF says will make electricity from garbage

Now PF says will make electricity from garbage

Screen Shot 2015-11-04 at 10.32.45The desperate but disorganised PF government now says will start producing electricity from garbage, a hugely expensive project if attempted.

Former MMD spokesperson but now PF Minister of Energy and Water Development Dora Siliya says the PF regime is looking for investors to partner with in turning garbage into electricity.

Siliya said there is a big opportunity for Government to move to green energy using garbage as well as an opportunity for investors to make business.
She said this at the renewable energy consultative meeting on Monday, which was organised by Tomorrow Investments Limited.

This is what desperation can do. Towards the end of UNIP rule, all sorts of crooks emerged from all over Europe and West Africa offering queer solutions t o the economic problems that threatened UNIP’s 27 years hold on power. One crook successfully managed to get money from Kaunda after cheating him that his company can make oil from grass.

This garbage to electricity dream Siliya is talking about for example is just another method that crooks wish to use to make money. A few countries such as Sweden, Japan and others have turned waste to energy but this comes at huge expensive and suited for countries run by serious people.

To turn garbage into energy requires construction of vast incinerators or heating plants, which are essentially large ovens that use a variety of other fuels to generate heat. After heating, the energy will then require to be transported to consumers’ homes and industries through a network of underground pipes. This would cost billions of Dollars.

Can the PF construct underground pipes and huge incinerators when they are failing to repair the Kariba dam?

The people who identified hydro energy in 1930 as the best answer for Zambia were not fools. They studied the country and were educated.

You don’t go round trying projects just because they have worked for others. Look at what suits your local environment.

God, these thieving PF morons can be annoying.

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