Now PF takes corruption to UNZASU elections

The ruling PF has paid money to two candidates contesting the forthcoming elections for the University of Zambia Students Union in order to silence the students’ body from criticizing government.

PF ministers Jean Kapata and Miles Sampa have dished out over K100,000 to Kapalasa Job Phiri and Golden Museteka who are both contesting the Presidency but the students have apparently rejected the duo’s candidature saying they do not want anything to do with PF.

“These two guys have been sponsored by PF so that the students’ voice is silenced ahead of the 2016 elections due to the bad governance in the country, so that is how they are busy buying beer and food for students but we will not vote for them. They will sink with their PF because as students we dont want anything to do with PF because it is a failed government,” said a student.

A Watchdog check at the Great East road campus found the two PF stooges buying food and drinks for some students. However the students said they were only interested in taking a share of the PF money but will vote for Brian Makondo popularly known as Makoz.

They have described Makoz as being a sober and incorruptible leader who has students’ interest at heart. The elections take place on Wednesday.

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