Now PF thugs hunt for HH, shooting indiscriminately

In the morning we reported the shooting incident in Lubansenshi but just now the PF thugs are on rampage in Solwezi shooting indiscriminately and hunting for UPND leader Hakainde Hichilema and Solwezi West campaign manager Stafford Mulusa as main targets. They also want to eleiminate Zambian watchdog reporters in the area.

According to police sources, the group earlier in the morning went to Mutanda and started firing in the air saying they are in the area to teach the people of Solwezi a lesson and revenge the booing that President Edgar Lungu suffered early this month when he visited the area. Though they may not kill anyone, their objective is to install fear in the people so that they don’t vote for UPND like it was in Mulobezi when PF Secretary general Davies Chama shot and wounded some UPND supporters.

The group has been going round trying to establish where the UPND leader is lodging so that they can attack him in the night. They are also searching for the Watchdog reporters thinking when they get us their evil deeds will not be exposed. One of the thugs was heard saying that “Lelo kuno kwine ku Solwezi twalaipwisha Watchdog, twalashika (Today and right here in Solwezi we shall finish and bury Zambian watchdog), without him knowing that a Watchdog reporter was in the vicinity.

The thugs are being coordinated by a senior intelligence officer with colossal sums of money to influence the outcome of the election and they are constantly changing vehicle registration numbers to avoid being trailed by locals who have vowed to put up a show down using all means necessary.

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