Now PF to suspend National Budget

Now PF to suspend National Budget


Such a shame on Chikwanda. In 87 he was at same ministry

The Patriotic Front government intends to table a motion when parliament resumes on Tuesday to suspend the budget. A senior Ministry of Finance official has disclosed that the development will be the worst embarrassing moment for President Sata’s administration. The source said the last time the budget was suspended was in 1987 when Zambia was suspended from the International Monetary Fund. When asked to explain what the suspension of the budget means, MMD Director of Communication in the office of the President Muhabi Lungu said suspending the budget would mean doing away with particular budget lines in the estimates of expenditure.

He gave an example of a household budget where parents stop buying sugar in order to buy Mealie-meal.

He said such steps are taken in dire or rather very severe situations. Mr. Lungu who confirmed also receiving such reports warned Zambians of severe hardships soon.

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