Now PF wants to replace HH with their puppet

Now PF wants to replace HH with their puppet

As desperation hightens in the Patriotic Front (PF), a scheme has been hatched by President Edgar Lungu through his discredited aide Kaiser Zulu to try and force the opposition UPND to hold a convention where they can install their stooge as a way of weakening the opposition.

State House sources have hinted to the Zambian Watchdog that some disgruntled members in the opposition party have  been targeted to champion calls for a convention before 2021.

“There was a meeting at State House on Monday where they were strategising about how to finance the last campaigns in Chilanga. As you maybe aware government is broke so they were looking at away to get financing. It was during this meeting that Kaiser Zulu suggested that as a way to weaken the opposition , they must sponsor to get ride of HH as the party president,” said the source.

The informed source hinted that a number of senior UPND members especially parliamentarians have been targeted to champion the removal of Hichilema.  Two MPs in particular have been identified and have already held meetings with PF.

According to Kaiser, the UPND and the opposition would be dismembered once Hichilema was removed from the party leadership.

“They know that its not easy to run an opposition party that is giving the ruling party sleepless nights so the idea is to try and destabilise,” the source said.

The Watchdog has, just for now, withheld the names of  UPND officials and senior members that State House is targeting.

“But soon you will hear calls that will be started by Sunday Chanda and Antonio Mwanza that UPND should go for a convention and they will also be using some discredited NGOs,” the source said.

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