PF triggers ICC intervention by accusing HH and GBM of crimes against humanity

PF triggers ICC intervention by accusing HH and GBM of crimes against humanity

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The Patriotic Front (PF) is in dangerous panic mode and has now ‘written’ to the International Criminal Court (ICC) through a Lusaka law firm accusing UPND leader Hakainde Hichilema and his running mate Geoffrey Bwalya Mwamba (GBM) of crimes against humanity.

The Law firm Lewis Nathan Advocates situated along Independence Road near State House has written to the International Criminal Court-ICC- to cite the two UPND leaders for alleged crimes against humanity

It is actually good that it is the PF that has invited the ICC.
By trying to report HH and GBM to the ICC, the PF hopes they can misled the ICC. It is not possible. The ICC is an independent court with very good investigators and prosecutors. When and if they decide to come to Zambia, the ICC will conduct their own investigations and make their own findings. So far, everyone knows who has been killing people in Zambia. Everyone knows how many UPND supporters have been systematically removed from markets, and how many of their homes have been burnt down by the PF. We doubt those fishermen who were lined up in Namwala can qualify as victims of crimes against humanity. (Truth about Namwala will follow shortly)
By the way, Mr Mosho, the ICC does not replace or supplant national courts.
The ICC investigates and prosecutes crimes when national authorities are unable or unwilling. What this means is that, when people like Kaiser Zulu murder innocent people like Mutapa, Menyani Zulu and the latest Mapenzi Chibulo, the PF government is unwilling to prosecute the killers when they know them and authorised the killing. That is when the ICC comes in. It is called ‘impunity, that is, when someone can commit an offence without punishment or consequences. If the PF knows that HH and GBM has committed crimes against humanity, they have the capacity to arrest them and prosecute them so the ICC can not come. But when HH and GBM know that the PF have killed the above named individuals and looted markets and burnt houses of their supporters, HH and GBM can not prosecute Kaizer Zulu and Edgar Lungu because they do not control the police and courts, the ICC can come in as long as HH and GBM or their supporters can give the ICC a report to start from. The ICC knows this very well. By triggering the ICC, Lewis Moyo, a criminal who is trying to cover his own crimes and linked to PF corruption has actually triggered the ICC against his masters in PF. Wait and see.

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