Now police summon HH in Chinsali

Police in Chinsali have summoned UPND president Hakainde Hichilema barely a day after they summoned Sesheke Member of Parliament Romeo Kang’ombe to appear before the same police.
The two are ‘expected ‘ to appear for questioning on Tuesday 20th October 2020 at 09 hours but the police have not disclosed the reasons for the summons.
Police officers from Force Headquarters in Lusaka attempted to serve the summons on Hakainde Hichilema at the UPND headquarters in Lusaka after 17 hours today but failed because there was no senior official to sign the summon.
It is not yet clear if they have now managed to serve the summons on the UPND leader.

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    PF why are you busy summon HH and others for what here in copperbelt most of us youths we lost the jobs long time ago when mopani copper mine stops most of the contractors we need jobs here in kitwe,mufurila,chingola and chililabombwe don’t wast your time with HH give us jobs for you to win elections 2021

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    Is Zambia a Police State under President Edgar Lungu?

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      Mwansa kabingo 5 days ago

      Yes it’s a police state, lungu u are putting yr family in a very bad situation, wen u lose the election next yr the will  come after u guys , ca’s u have done a lot of bad things to yr rivals , Even now u can be hurt don’t think u are untouchable, the real PF members are very upset , even miles is not happy , Tasila  Will be arrested to a swear the thieving u guys have done to Zambia , we still want to no about 48 houses

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    Njangwamuloty 6 days ago

    Lungu should know what happened to President Nono Ferreira in Guinea Bissau for killing his political opponent, he was literally decapitated!

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    Mulenga Chifwa 6 days ago

    Finally, pf are really determined to kill HH. Leading the planning and execution of this evil deed is, of course, Stephen Kampyongo. He really wants HH’s blood to be on his hands. Zambians must rise up to change the evil pf government.

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    Aristotle 6 days ago

    Jon Snow goes North.