Now Post newspaper betrays and acts to embarrsass Masumba

Now Post newspaper betrays and acts to embarrsass Masumba



After using him to issue careless and stupid statements to sell their newspaper, the Post Newspaper has now betrayed and turned against

Mufumbwe Member of Parliament Steven Masumba.

The Post has vowed to provide evidence in court to make sure Masumba is convicted of another crime and remain in prison for the first crime.

This is in the case in which Masumba denied writing a complaint letter against Lusaka High Court judge Chalwe Mchenga after the judge threw out his bail application.

Masumba said he never wrote those letters.

But Post Newspapers through one of their lawyers Fynold Mufwaafwi yesterday filed letters which he said are in Masumba’s own handwriting and records of phone calls on his number.

The Post boasted that they will embarrass Masumba

Acting deputy chief justice Marvin Mwanamwambwa last month deferred Masumba’s bail hearing to this week, saying the court needed to first establish the originality of the article titled ‘Masumba questions decision to deny him bail’, which was published in The Post attributed to a letter authored by the former sports deputy minister.

But Masumba swore an affidavit in rebuttal on November 13, stating that The Post was trying to put him in bad stead with the court.  “That I categorically deny any part in the said story or any at all and refuse that I had written a complaint about Judge Mchenga.

Masumba was in November last year convicted by the Lusaka Magistrates’ Court and sentenced to 12 months imprisonment with hard labour after he was found guilty of obtaining pecuniary advantage using a forged diploma.

Masumba then started issuing statements in the Post talking about judges, how he misses sex and how male prisoners masturbate when they see ZNBC female news-readers. And the Post increased in sales that period.

But now that he is in trouble, they have not only betrayed and abandoned him, but they are taking steps to make sure he is jailed and embarrassed. We told Masumba before that those are not your friends.

One way of looking at this matter is this; Masumba is the one in jail and standing to lose and suffer more; the Post has nothing to lose. Eve if they do not provide those recordings to court, they will not be arrested.  So why do they want to ensure that the person they have used so much is jailed and embarrassed?

We hope George Mpombo is taking note of all this.

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