Now Randy Malcolm Moffat College Principal blocks students from writing exams

Now Randy Malcolm Moffat College Principal blocks students from writing exams

IMG_4060After being exposed about his multiple sexual activities with students, Malcolm Moffat Teachers’ college Principal Maxwell Sikwela yesterday ordered that all students who are pregnant must not write exams, typically contrary to the ministry of education re entry policy where pregnant girls are allowed to continue with their education.

Before the exams started yesterday, Sikwela working with some selected staff tricked the students that the college had a plan for the expectant students and asked them to submit their names. After their names were submitted they were then told that they would not write the final exams and asked them to leave the Serenje based Christian college.

But Sikwela’s actions nearly drew a riot when he wanted to favour one student Ireen Namukoko who is carrying Sikwela’s pregnancy in spite of being married to a Nakonde man. Ireen is three months pregnant but Sikwela wanted her to write the exams until when other female students threatened to undress in protest. Over 50 students have been affected in spite of having paid the examination fees.

Meanwhile police have instated investigations into the matter where Sikwela corrupted Central deputy Criminal investigations Officer (2nd DCIO) Timba and three other Serenje cops in order to escape an arrest for threatening violence. In a text message, Sikwela threatened to kill one student Barbra Singombe who turned away his sexual advances and consequently reported him to the anti Corruption commission.

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