Now Sata accuses Chishimba Kambwili of scheming to take over Presidency

PF fat cats dancing in Solwezi

PF fat cats dancing in Solwezi recently

Ailing President Michael Sata has accused Sports minister Chishimba Kambwili of campaigning and positioning himself to succeed him, the Post newspaper reports.

This came to light when the President made a visit to Ndola on Thursday last week. Sata met some party officials and cabinet ministers and held a closed door meeting at the presidential guest house. During the meeting, the ailing leader reprimanded Copperbelt provincial youth chairman Nathan Chanda to stop campaigning for Kambwili.

“You, be very careful with the people who are using you to campaign. I am sure you know the people I am talking about…. Anyway I am talking about ba Kambwili. Ba kambwili is campaigning here and I know what he is doing,” Sata reportedly told the gathering which included Secretary general Edgar Lungu, Local government minister Emmanuel Chenda, Chiefs and traditional affairs deputy minister Susan Kawandami, provincial minister Mwenya Musenge and provincial chairman Sturdy Mwale.

And a PF source has told the Watchdog that majority of PF members have lost confidence in Sata, citing inconsistency in his leadership. The source says that earlier some cadres had gathered outside and wanted to deliver a solidarity message to Sata for dismissing Wynter Kabimba but were disappointed that Sturdy Mwale came outside and told them that Sata had halted any demonstrations against Kabimba.

The source further says that the anti Kabimba team are not really sure about Kabimba’s fate and suspect that Sata and Kabimba are still in good books and communicating and that he may even be brought back. Recently Sata fired Kabimbafrom the position of justice minister and PF secretary general amid accusations of him wanting to usurp Presidential powers. His dismissal was greeted by many jubiliations across the country with Kambwili accusing him of having killed PF.

“We really don’t know the stance of the President because his actions are confusing us, we wanted to show him solidarity but he decides to put us off, we suspect Kabimba may come back some day,” said the source.

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