Now Sata blackmails Chikwanda over SI 89

The Ailing Dictator President Michael Sata has continued using intelligence briefs to blackmail people and has now blackmailed Finance Minister Alexandra Chikwanda over Statutory Instrument 89. Meanwhile, information has emerged that the infamous short lived SI 89 that allowed mining companies to export Copper Concentrates was done by a former Zambia Revenue Authority (ZRA) Commissioner of Taxes Kingsley Chanda.
A source has disclosed that President Sata is aware that Mr. Chikwanda and Kingsley Chanda received US 4 million from agents of Lubambe Mine to come up with SI 89. The President used this information to reject Chikwanda’s resignation.
“As Gershom Ndhlovu said, Chikwanda needs the job more than Oxygen. He is not as clean as people think.He received some kickback from Lubambe Mine. So the President uses such information against him” the source said.
Meanwhile, information has emerged that Kingsley Chanda a former ZRA Commissioner of taxes drafted the SI 89 and gave it to Chikwanda to sign. Chanda who is a Tax advisor to Lubambe mine through his company called CITAX drafted the SI 89 and not Dingani Banda and Berlin Msiska.
“It is Chanda who drafted the SI 89. Msiska refused so when Msiska went out of the country Chanda drafted the SI and gave it to Chikwanda to sign. That is why Msiska and Banda have not been sacked. Do you think they could have survived especially that they are not from Muchinga” the source asked.
“Chanda is the TAX adviser to Lubambe Mine where Chikwanda is a Director. Chanda has a company called CITAX that he uses, he also owns a company called Nishati that does clearing and forwarding and they are chewing big time with Chikwanda and Sata has all this information so when Chikwanda resigns Sata simply says you will be arrested” the source said.

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