Now Sata linked to 2007 attempted coup plot in Malawi

The diplomatic  relations  between Lilongwe and Lusaka which was said to be mended risks to be strained again  following statements by Malawi President’s spokesman linking Zambia’s President Michael Sata to a coup plot.

As an opposition leader, Sata was deported from Malawi in 2006 by the Bingu wa  Mutharika government when he was visiting former President Bakili Muluzi.

Mutharika’s spokesman Hetherwick Ntaba on Friday told state radio MBC that during Sata’s visit, Muluzi was scheming  a plot with other opposition leaders to undermine the Mutharika administration and unseat the Head of State.

He claimed Sata’s visit could have been part of the conspiracy.

Ntaba was making the remarks to justify why  Malawi government will take Sata’s reconciliation call with a pinch of a salt, following a meeting with Muluzi in Lusaka recently.

He doubted the former president’s role as an intermediary in a row which Muluzi, according to Ntaba, created.

“Why should he solve a problem he created himself?” Ntaba said on MBC.

Muluzi was in 2008 arrested on suspicion of being involved in a plot to overthrow the government and three army senior officers were also arrested on suspicion of being part of a plot to oust President Mutharika.

Muluzi says since his return to Zambia, he has not been accorded an opportunity to deliver the message to the President.

After meeting Muluzi, Sata told reporters the former Malawian president had managed to persuade him to end the row with the government of Mutharika.

Nyansa Times

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