Now Sata put on chemotherapy treatment to recover lost voice due to throat cancer

Now Sata put on chemotherapy treatment to recover lost voice due to throat cancer

10537345_791002780950474_326650374082237672_nA highly confidential medical report obtained by the Zambian Watchdog has also confirmed that president Michael Sata was diagonised with and suffers from throat cancer which is cancer of the vocal cords, voice box (larynx), or other areas of the throat, which leads to loss of voice and speaking ability.

Documentation seen by the Zambian Watchdog and highly placed sources say President Sata also has been undergoing intensive treatment for internal body organs such as kidney, heart and liver complication which has led to advanced dementia, a condition which has made his behavior erratic.

“When highly sedated Sata is able to make a few movements, like was the case when he appeared recently at State House apparently swearing-in Attorney General Musa Mwenya and Solicitor General Abraham Mwansa without the presence of any journalists and without him saying anything. It is really a source of worry and these people in PF government are somehow cruel to have allowed him to continue in this state. He needs a lot of rest and take care of his life, but those close to him are scared about their own corrupt activities. But they forget he is just human who can also get sick and the more they push him, the worse things get for his survival,” said a highly confidential intelligence sources.

Sources say president Sata already has prostate cancer and the current vocal cord cancer also written on his documentation as (Laryngeal cancer; Cancer of the glottis; Cancer of oropharynx or hypopharynx), could have started from his days as a chain smoker.

Research and Watchdog medical enquiries shows that smokers or use of tobacco products leads to risk of developing throat cancer. Drinking too much alcohol over a long time also increases risk. Even worse, a combination of smoking and drinking alcohol leads to an increased risk of throat cancer.

Sata only stopped smoking and drinking after he survived a severe heart attack in 2008 when late president Levy Mwanawasa evacuated him to South Africa.

President Sata recently turned 78 years, and Watchdog medical investigations indicate that most throat cancers develop in adults older than 50 and men are 10 times more likely than women to develop throat cancers.

Documentations and Watchdog investigations indicate president Sata’s trip to Israel was also to seek surgery and radiation therapy treatment to completely remove the cancer and prevent it from spreading to other parts of the body.

But the treatment was not done as that would only have been possible if the tumor was small, which is no longer the case with him.

Documentation obtained indicates that doctors are now battling to save the president Sata’s voice box through a combination of radiation and chemotherapy treatment because the tumor is large and has spread to lymph nodes in the neck.

If this fails, they will have no choice but to remove the voice through a surgery called laryngectomy.

But Sata’s doctors are racing against time as he will be expected in Mangango to address campaign meetings, but though he can avoid this one, he cannot delegate anybody for the tedious ceremonial opening of National Assembly session sometime in September.

But not all hope is lost now on this cancer as it may be cured when detected early. If the cancer has spread to surrounding tissues or lymph nodes in the neck, about half of patients can be cured. If the cancer has spread (metastasized) to parts of the body outside the head and neck, the cancer is not curable. Treatment is aimed at prolonging and improving quality of life.

After treatment, therapy is needed to help with speech and swallowing. If the person is not able to swallow, a feeding tube will be needed.

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