Now Sata wants Facebook also blocked because of Zambianwatchdog

In continued efforts to block the Zambian watchdog,President Sata has authorised an extra expenditure to the office of the President Special division to test machines that can block face book within the country.

President Sata was on Thursday annoyed that Zambian Watchdog revealed exactly what transpired in the fertliser scandal involving his in law Agriculture Minister Bob Sichinga.

On the other hand, the Post newspaper has continued whinning about the Zambian Watchdog. Today they dedicated a whole page to insult, slander and degrade Emmanuel Mwamba and fear that he will start publishing government documents on ZWD.

A source has disclosed that President Sata wants to make sure the Zambian Watchdog site is completely blocked in the country.

In this vein, Sata has authorised the Special division to do a feasibility study on how to block Face Book in the country because this site apart from being accessed through proxies and opera mini is easily accessed through Face Book. The special branch will work hand in hand with some Chinese officials.

For trials, the team will experiement with some selected Zamtel subscribers. The subscribers will not know that there accounts are being used as experiments.

The testing equipment on Zamtel will be stationed at Zamtel Ridgeway exchange next to Smugglers Inn just near the Cathedral of the Holy Cross in Lusaka.

Yesterday (thursday) officers from the Special Division were already at the same offices conducting feasibility studies.

The officers driving an Isuzu double cab white in colour registration number ABX 8993 spent the whole day at the Zamtel offices.

The sources were surprised that the bankrupt PF regime that is barely surviving on borrowed money has resources for wasteful expenditure such as blocking the entire facebook in Zambia because one news channel, the Zambianwatchdog.

The Chinese government has blocked access to Face Book in China.

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