Now Sata’s government goes for Dr. Francis Manda

Now Sata’s government goes for Dr. Francis Manda

Dr. Manda

The Patriotic Front (PF) regime is now after  Zambia’s most famous urologist Doctor Francis Manda.

Dr. Manda revealed on ZNBC radio 4 programme Saturday May 12 that the PF government wants to stop his ‘Manzi Therapy’ programme for asserting that there are no doctors at Maina Soko military hospital because president Michael Sata fired then 6 weeks after becoming president.

Dr. Manda made the comments last Saturday when he featured on the same program. He was responding to a caller who wanted to know why patients are being turned away without being attended to and that there are usually long queues at the once prestigious hospital.

In response, Dr. Manda said there are few doctors to attend to thousands of patients because Sata fired the specialist doctors who were working there because he, Sata, thought they were just retired soldiers who were illegally hired by former president Rupiah Banda.

But when he featured on the same program today, Dr. Manda revealed that his comments last week has attracted government anger.

He said some senior government officials have phoned Manzi Therapy, the company that sponsors the radio programme to either stop the programme or replace Dr. Manda.

Parallel information received by the Watchdog indicate that ZNBC director Chibamba Kanyama has alos been ordered to stop the popular program where Zambians phone in to ask about various aliments relating to urology.

Program presenter Herbert Mutabi had a tough time trying to stop Dr. Manda from stating what was on his mind saying he should not comment on political matters but restrict himself to health issues.

But Dr. Manda said he as, a medical doctor and ordinary citizens, has the right to comment on political matters because he sees how the ordinary people are suffering due to poor policies.

On October 25, 2011, Sata ordered the dismissal of 13 Brigadier Generals and 16 Colonels whom he said  were illegally contracted by his predecessor Rupiah Banda’s government.

Speaking when he swore-in permanent secretary in the Ministry of Chiefs and Traditional Affairs, Coillard Chibbonta, President Sata said there had been a lot of extravagance in the country which ought to come to an end.

“What are you afraid of? Why allow 13 Brigadier Generals and 16 Colonels occupying offices illegally? You are giving them money which should have gone to the police, which should have gone to strengthen the establishment of the police. If you look here at these policemen probably you don’t understand some of them don’t even have badges of ranks,” President Sata said.

“I am directing Secretary to the Cabinet Dr Joshua Kanganja you and the Minster of Defence that all these people should leave offices now but pay them up to the end of December because they are in offices illegally. I don’t have the power to give a contract, I only have the power to give you a contract within the law.”

But it turned out that these were specialist medical doctors who were running Maina Soko and other hospitals in the country.

Dr. Manda is the former husband of Professor Nkandu Luo, a cabinet minister in the current regime.

He is no stranger to controversy.  He once revealed that his marriage to Nkandu Luo broke down because I he repeatedly denounced late Fredrick Chiluba’s administration as that of thieves. His wife was in that cabinet as well.

During the run up to elections last year, Dr Manda said:

“The problem is politicians like thriving on ignorance of the people; they should put much emphasis on education.”

Asked if he would accept to take up a political portfolio if an opportunity came his way, Dr Manda said:

‘I don’t like appointments, like to work for things, if I am appointed into a political office I would become a stooge.”

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