Now Sata’s PF targets civil servants from other tribes suspected of opposing their scheme

Now Sata’s PF targets civil servants from other tribes suspected of opposing their scheme

A number of Tonga, Lozis, and some Easterners civil servants especially teachers and police service are in fear of their employment for being suspected of being UPND sympathisers.

In last week alone, a number of them based in Livingstone, Southern province were transferred with immediate effect to Copperbelt, Northern and Muchinga provinces where the ruling PF wants to deal with them.

These are also some of the people who were removed by the ECZ from being presiding officers during the recently PF rigged Livingstone by-election and those from police removed from the murder investigations of the PF cadre Herry Chanda, who was killed by fellow PF cadre Henry Lungu.

Sources said influential teachers like a Mr. Hibajene of Shungu Basic, a Mr. Kanchele of Nansanzu Basic, a Mr. Sichikwenkwe of Linda East Basic, a Mr. Habuuka of David Livingstone Secondary, a Mr. Maambo a teacher from Hillcrest Secondary and a Mr. Sibanga the District Education Board Secretary (DEBS) of Gwembe District were all transferred from Livingstone, Southern province to various parts of the country where they will be isolated and dealt with. See a detailed story here.

Sources said these teachers were even detained by police for various offences and the list is still growing, with the addition of civil servants from Eastern province suspected of being opposed to Rupiah Banda’s removal of his immunity.

Recently, senior Lozi directors from the Energy Regulation Board were also fired.  See story here

Police officers that have already been transferred for being professional in investigating the murder of the PF cadre Chanda. See a detailed story here.


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