Now Scott insults Daily Nation Journalist, says paper publishes S**t

Ceremonial vice President has gone berserk once again, this time now he has insulted a journalist from the Daily Nation and accused the newspaper of publishing what he called s**t.

Scott blew his top when Wallen Simwaka called him to find out the circumstances surrounding the continued absence of dictator Michael Sata and why Kabimba continued to act as President but in response he said he did not give interviews to newspapers that published s**t.

And Simwaka said he felt bad that a senior man of Scott’s status could sink so low and verbally abuse a journalist, he said that it was the first time in his life that he was hearing of such vile language coming from a person holding such a high office.

And Media Institute of Southern Africa (MISA) Zambia chapter sources said they were still studying the matter and would react to Scott’s unbecoming behaviour appropriately.

“We have taken note of the abusive words attributed to Dr. Scott but I think this matter is still being studied and we shall respond at an appropriate time. Otherwise Dr. Scott risks losing respect as some of the insults he is uttering are likely to be redirected at him by the victims,” said the source.

Recently Scott verbally abused the Tonga speaking people of Southern province and later apologized in parliament after opposition MMD Chembe MP Mwansa Mbulakulima asked him whether he had a problem with the choice of words to use. Earlier in the year he also referred to the people of South Africa as being backward.

Within the PF he has been blamed for causing deep divisions by verbally abusing other members opposed to secretary general Wynter Kabimba’s self imposed succession of the party presidency.
Some of the remarks that have hurt PF members are when he said him, Sata and Kabimba belonged to the A team and without the trio there would be no PF and his open attack of Sata’s son Mulenga, saying the later does not qualify to stand for republican Presidency because his mother comes from Malawi.

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