Now sewer pipe bursts at UTH as faecal matters flows freely in Mandevu

Now sewer pipe bursts at UTH as faecal matters flows freely in Mandevu

Blocked septic tank in Lusaka’s Mandevu 

The major sewer pipe at Zambia’s main referral hospital, UTH, burst on Friday posing a risk for water borne diseases, just two days after key sections were shut due to a water crisis at the institution, according to Zambia Reports.

President Michael Sata was forced to make an impromptu visit to check on the water crisis but hours after he left the institution another major problem emerged.

The sewer pipe near the maternity wing burst spilling out waste onto the surface as fears emerge that the situation would deteriorate by spreading water borne diseases such as dysentery and cholera.

Following President Sata’s visit, the Lusaka Water and Sewerage Company (LWSC) decided to take over the operations of the internal water reticulation system at the University Teaching Hospital (UTH).

On Thursday, the hospital’s public relations manager Pauline Mbangweta has confirmed the water crisis at the institution heaping the blame on Lusaka Water and Sewerage Company (LWSC).

Mbangweta said the institution started experiencing water blues three months ago and that the taps have been producing less water until now that the taps are completely drying up.

Sources are now disclosing that there is a management crisis at the referral institution which if not urgently addressed will cause serious disaster soon.

Meanwhile, Zambian Eye, reports that Lusaka’s Mandevu residents are panicking as sewer water with human waste is blocking some roads and getting into their houses.

A concerned resident Mwenzi  Phiri 34 said there is a bad smell coming out of the sewer waste and many children and adults are now getting attacked with diarrhea related diseases.

Phiri who was found busy making a drainage system to divert the waste from her yard disclosed the sewerage pipes started liking a month ago.

‘‘The leakage started a month ago. We informed our local water and sewerage company to help but they are not doing anything to help us. We need help. This waste will kill us,’’ She said.

A senior Lusaka water and Sewerage officer based at Mandevu Community centre who spoke on condition of anonymous condemned residents for being careless in the way they are using the sewer system.

‘It is expensive to run a sewerage system in Mandevu because residents are careless. They throw stones and other things in the pipes so we are always busy unblocking, ’’ he complained.

Most houses in Mandevu use pit latrines.

The sewer system carries waste from the nearby Emmasdale and the light industrial area.

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