Now shortages hit poultry and beverage industry

Now shortages hit poultry and beverage industry

Alcoholic beverages and soft drinks are the latest to run into short supply in Zambia with traders forced to queue in various wholesales and selling points.

And the country has also run out of day old broiler chicks, that has severely crippled the poultry industry.

Traders have complained that there is a short supply of Mosi and Castle beer together with soft drinks Fanta, sprite and coca cola.

So far there has been no explanation from Zambia Brewaries on the cause of the shortages.

Meanwhile, the poultry industry is also facing critical shortage of day-old broiler chicks. Poultry farmers have complained that there is a critical and unexplained shortage of day old chicks in the Lusaka and Copperbelt.

One of the poultry farmers said he paid for the chicks over two months ago and has been told to wait until February next year, something that has never happened before, not even during December period.

The PF government has so far blamed the opposition, South African government, and millers for some shortages being experienced, especially that of mealie meal.

Others in the PF have also blamed the shortages to smuggling of goods to the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC).

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