Now stanbic workers declare dispute with management over wages


C/O Stanbic Bank, P O BOX 31955 Lusaka, Zambia.  Makungu Chitalu, Bruce Mutamba , Dobson Banda

10th May, 2012



This is to inform you that the cooling off period of the ten days elapsed yesterday without the two parties reaching an agreement on the salary. The official positions are as follows: Union – K2, 500,000.00 and management K850, 000.00. Both parties explored various avenues that indicated that there was willingness to negotiate and efforts were made by the two parties to try and reach a settlement.

What does this mean? This now means that we have to engage conciliators to help break the deadlock. The two parties will be meeting on the 15th of May 2012, to agree and choose a conciliator. On how long this process takes; circumstances on the table shall determine the duration.

What if this conciliation process fails to bring the parties to an agreement? At that juncture, the Industrial and Labour Relations Act would be invoked. And the Act allows conducting a ballot for a strike or outright court action. All these are actions that the law provides for and there are procedures to arrive at these actions.

To you our members please note that we have entered a legal environment where we always have to consult the law before we do or say anything.

Your Union will endeavor to communicate to you when it is legally right to do so. Let’s give this process a chance by avoiding comments that may derail the process.

Please remain calm and lets agree any actions we may deem to undertake in view of the legal implications surrounding this matter. We shall soon be engaging you to discuss the actions that are legally allowable.

We conclude by asking you to remain calm but united for this noble fight. Remember !! we are living at a time when even that which RIGHTLY BELONGS TO YOU, IS SLOWLY BEING TAKEN AWAY. IT IS NO TIME TO SIT ON THE FENCE, OR TRADE ACCUSATIONS BUT A TIME TO JOIN AND DIRECT ALL OUR ENERGIES TO THIS STRUGGLE.


Yours in the service for Justice and Improved workers conditions.

Makungu Chitalu                                                         Bruce Mutamba

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