Now teachers demand payrise due to increase in essential commodities

The  Zambia National Union of Teachers (ZNUT) in Central Province has demanded fresh negotiations for increased salaries and better conditions of service following the removal of subsidies on fuel by government.

Provincial chairperson Charles Mwila says  that it is just right for the unions and government to sit and agree to increase the salaries for public service workers that include teachers.

Mr. Mwila said it pointless to continue with the collective agreement signed in March this because the new salaries are already over taken by events before they are received.

ZANIS reports that the ZNUT official said this in an interview in Kabwe, today.

He said teachers in the province are demoralized and disappointed that even after praising government for increasing their salaries with higher percentage, prices of commodities will shoot to heights that many government workers will fail to afford.

Mr. Mwila further explained that the only way to cushion the impact caused by increased fuel prices was to consider getting back to the negotiation table and increase on a percentage that will meaningfully benefit the workers.

“Now, we expect prices of most if not all commodities will go up and September is still far away which our members are expecting to be paid increased salaries. How then will they survive as their hopes are already shot down? We appeal to government to open up fresh negotiations,’ he said.

Fuel prices went up after government removed subsidies on fuel recently causing rises in bus fairs and prices of some commodities already going up.

Expected also is the increased ZESCO tarrifs which will expectedly cause spiral inflation.

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