Now teachers demand payrise due to increase in essential commodities

The  Zambia National Union of Teachers (ZNUT) in Central Province has demanded fresh negotiations for increased salaries and better conditions of service following the removal of subsidies on fuel by government.

Provincial chairperson Charles Mwila says  that it is just right for the unions and government to sit and agree to increase the salaries for public service workers that include teachers.

Mr. Mwila said it pointless to continue with the collective agreement signed in March this because the new salaries are already over taken by events before they are received.

ZANIS reports that the ZNUT official said this in an interview in Kabwe, today.

He said teachers in the province are demoralized and disappointed that even after praising government for increasing their salaries with higher percentage, prices of commodities will shoot to heights that many government workers will fail to afford.

Mr. Mwila further explained that the only way to cushion the impact caused by increased fuel prices was to consider getting back to the negotiation table and increase on a percentage that will meaningfully benefit the workers.

“Now, we expect prices of most if not all commodities will go up and September is still far away which our members are expecting to be paid increased salaries. How then will they survive as their hopes are already shot down? We appeal to government to open up fresh negotiations,’ he said.

Fuel prices went up after government removed subsidies on fuel recently causing rises in bus fairs and prices of some commodities already going up.

Expected also is the increased ZESCO tarrifs which will expectedly cause spiral inflation.


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    PHK 5 years

    Fuel price up, due to withdraw of subsidies, all commodities prices
    up including unga.
    Next, unga subsidies withdrawn, prices
    up. Come September when new salaries are
    effected, prices of all commoditiesprices will
    shot up as this is the normal trend.
    When Zesco tarrifs shoot up, all
    Commodities prices up again.
    Other commodities prices increases will
    be effected along the way unannounced:
    mark my word! Fellow Zambians us demonstrate
    displeasure. Baikata ku bunga!

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    EZRON 5 years

    Not only teachers even gardeners,how are we going 2 survive with kr400.

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    "Silent Majority" 5 years

    Fakani vi pressure ba Union, “MORE MONEY IN YOUR POCKETS” as promised.

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    THE RUMBLER 5 years

    IS this a government to negotiate with. The best you can do is to mobilise the entire membership come 2016.This is a govt of the belly,they only know about their bellies which are falling and covering their pubic areas.

    The removal of subsidy from maize and petroleum products the idea is to deviate the monies which are going to be realised to the induced by-elections and to sustain the largest cabinet in africa.The rest in Chikwanda’s and Bisa boys and girls’ pockets.

    Teachers,I do understand your plight and the neglect this government has subjected you to being beggars and destitutes.But you can hit back hard on this govt by mobilizing yourselves and the grass root voters.Kaunda was put off by the mobiliztion of the grassroot,that we can do to Satan.

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    Taliban 5 years

    The PF government is now robbing the poor feeding the rich people like Kambwili and the Gang.

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    NATIVE 5 years

    When the Public service unions signed the collective agreement following negotiations chaired by Alec Chirwa it was, at the time, hailed as a fair package for civil servants with a minimum basic of kr. 2900 (US $ 540) per month. Little did they know that govt planned to do away with subsidies, a major considerational factor in the negotiating process. Obviously as has come to be synonymous with the current party in govt, you now have to take their word with more than a pinch of salt because of their excessive economy with the truth as aptly covered in their own slogan “DON’T KUBEBA”. Their culture does not cultivate confidence and goodwill both domestically and internationally. Zambia’s general populace will suffer because we ALL depend on a WELL MOTIVATED PUBLIC SERVICE from the health, education, defence and security functions etc. Etc. to run even the most private aspects of our lives. ALL GOVT OPERATIONS DEPEND ON THE PUBLIC SERVICE WORKERS THAT NEED TO BE ACCORDED THE ESTEEM THEY DESERVE. ONLY THROUGH THE PUBLIC SERVICE CAN THE ENTIRE PRIVATE POPULATION BE RESPECTED TOO. INDIVIDUALS THAT ARE UNTRUSTWORTHY ON SMALL MATTERS CANNOT BE TRUSTED ON GRAVE ONES TOO. THE PF CAMPAIGNED AND APPEALED TO THE PUBLIC SERVANTS ON THE PLATFORM OF ENHANCING PROFESSIONALISM AND REMUNERATION IN THE PUBLIC SERVICE ONCE ELECTED! The lives of the citizens need to be treated with a lot more seriousness and respect than the PF have thus far exhibited. When is the circus going to end? Just last night the appointment of the comedian Ben Phiri was revoked. What was more comical was the man’s appointment in the first place, with due respect to Ben who has other talents and abilities he’s naturally gifted, trained and professionally qualified for.

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    ngwenya 5 years

    U ar even delaying!u chaps ar crazy ur so called salary increament ll only b effective iin sept and govt has increased the cost of everything immediately with out waitin 4 ur salary increament.wat kind of unions ar u?

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    DK PLANET 5 years

    Economies of scale !!!!!!

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    bufi 5 years

    Buhata BuFI step father BuFI ulabeja

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    Howard moonga 5 years

    Pliz our union leaders may u start renegociating soon.

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    shetana 5 years

    The real donchi kubeba is revealed. You were duped!

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    Centre Back Of Democracy 5 years

    I don’t get it. How are Central Province teachers affected when Government through Kambwili told us that only a few motorists in Lusaka and CB will be affected by the fuel price hike?

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    What ar u complaining about, its merely one year, what more three yrs in this style, these ar corrupt chaps unlike the previous on,waite more to follow ba chibambakanyama ba economist were ar u to advaise yr fellow poachers of mps here we ar zambians

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    viva unza and CBU thats is the way to go.

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    Kay 5 years

    They have realised that they were duped to wait till September when Sata doubled his salary in 2011, 2 years ago.

    Why should you wait when chi step father already doubled his?

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    Teacehers and all civil servants remember that (balimichita akantu)you were played a dont kubeba model.

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    True Love 5 years

    Teachers have been taken for granted by this stupid government. Zambians must support teachers for this move. Let us all get angry. Tiyeni tikalipe tonse, tonsefye tuufulwe, bufi…kubeja…buhata…boza ya boma. All mus go on strike and protests.

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    poko ya kayombo kakutemba 5 years

    it is a dont kubeba for civil servantsand the zambian pipo faira we will wait to hear from u solwezi east,chipata,kafulafuta and more to hear from u kalabo did it.

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    kaluluta 5 years

    And worse stil they hav removed responsibility allowance frm teachers.A govt of jokers!! U wil neva c my vote again agora imwe!

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    Mr Facts 5 years

    Donchi Kubeba wilalila lila ashiiiiiiiiiiiiii

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    Suntwe 5 years

    Just what happened to the mining concessions we were all promised as a way of getting the much needed revenue for our country? Wenye?

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    :>Man- mule 5 years

    All meaningfull civil servents should support this move.but let renegosiations be done as quickly as possible b4 we go back to kk err.

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    This what a real trade union is expected to do. SCAWUZ & many others where are you? Wake up please don’t just chew our subscriptions for nothing, the battle is on. Abash intimidation.

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    Kamuchocho 5 years

    All true Zambian workers should support what Teachers are demanding for them to survive or else all workers will be doomed.

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    Kangaroo(the presidential material) 5 years

    Faka pressure!

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    Chikonjiwe 5 years


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    Juda Escariot 5 years

    Start work to rule(s) its very effective than going on strike.