Now you need PF cadres on board to register NGO

1st April 2013

The Editor

Watchdog Zambia


Dear Sir/Madam,


We would like to bring to your attention about the rampant abuse of the offices of Registrar of Society and Pacra. Patriotic Front (PF) Government Ministers have continued to politicise these offices by giving unconstitutional orders to the Registrars not to register Non-Governmental Organisations (NGOs) and companies which have not been approved by the said PF Government Ministers. These Ministers are giving un legislative conditions to prospecting NGOs and investors for them to be registered. In spite of the Chief Registrar having constitutional and legislative powers to do so, the Registrar has been turned into a political rubber stamp for the PF Government, as he is failing to exercise and execute his powers vested in him by the act of parliament on registration of NGOs and companies citing political pressure.

Some of the conditions among others being offered by these un democratic PF Ministers are:-

i)                    NGOs should be PF affiliated.

ii)                  PF to appoint at least two (2) of their cadres as Board Members in these NGOs

and companies.

iii)                Mandatory 10% contribution towards their Party in terms of finances etc.

“IS THIS NOT CORRUPTION?’’!!!!!!  Which is being sung in their manifesto saying; they are allergic to corruption when they are addicted to it in reality?

As a result of this, we have only seen NGOs praising PF Government even when constitutional fundamental rights and United Nations (UN) guidelines and laws are violated. Moreover, can you the Editor, do more investigations on our behalf and defend our fundamental rights and democracy. The Registrar of Society office has completely collapsed as witnessed by rampant resignation of the two Chief Registrars within a period of one (1) year and six (6) months of PF Government. The recent one being the outspoken Clement Mohammad Andeleki. They tried to be professional but failed due to political pressure.

We now kindly ask you the Editor; ‘’which direction is our beloved Christian and democratic Zambia going?’’ To our surprise Post Newspaper has now completely stopped digging deeper as we knew them; instead they are just scratching the surface leaving the truth deliberately. This clearly shows that Post has been swallowed by PF looking at the contents of news they are bringing to the public. They will account for the breakdown of good governance and we know their days are coming soon or later. We will appreciate if our article is published. The next article will be the exposure of all the corrupted Ministers involved with facts. So this should be a sound warning to them all.

Let’s pray together for God’s intervention.

Yours sincerely,

Defenders of Democracy

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