Now Zambia faces condoms shortage

In a continued disarray of PF government policies, the country is facing a critical shortage of condoms, posing a threat to the fight against HIV/AIDS.

Medical doctors have expressed worry that if the shortage is not addressed, it will have an impact on the health delivery services as many people will fall ill after contracting the HIV virus. Zambia Medical Association (ZMA) president Dr. Aaron Mujajati recently disclosed the shortage, but ministry of health refuted it.

However, a study done ahead of the World AIDS day and report presented to the health ministry reveals that most of the districts in the country have run short of the condoms. A source from the national AIDS task force has told the Watchdog that Dr. Mujajati’s disclosure was in line with the facts on the ground.

“It is true most DATFs (District Aids Task Forces) have run short of condoms and the ZMA’s observation are onspot. Indeed there is going to be constraints on the health delivery system should we have risen HIV rates,” said the source.

Last year’s world AIDS theme was ‘Heading towards HIV Zero rate infections” while this year’s is “We can make changes in contributing to an HIV AIDS free Zambia”.

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