Now Zambian regime targets Azwel Banda

Now Zambian regime targets Azwel Banda

Dictator Edgar Lungu is now trying to extradite South African based consultant Azwell Banda.

Lungu has told his representative in South Africa Emmanuel Mwamba to start the process to extradite Banda so that he can be punished in Zambia.

Banda is former  Secretary General of the Zambia Democratic Congress Party(ZADECO) but fled Zambia in 1996 when Fredrick Chiluba detained Dean Mungomba on trumped up charges. Mungomba was poisoned in jail and died just after being released.

Banda is a  labour consultant  in South Africa but the PF are accusing Banda of influenfibt the National Union of Metal Workers in South Africa(NUMSA) to denounce the descention of Zambia into a dictatorship.

The PF claim that  Banda has been using NUMSA to issue statements against Zambia and lobby that business, trade and investment between the two countries be cut.

NUMSA is scheduled to protest at the Zambian High Commission in Pretoria any day but soon.

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