Now Zesco says power blackouts due to high industrialisation in Zambia

The Zambia Electricity Supply Corporation (ZESCO) has attributed the increased load shedding currently being experienced in the country to a power generation deficit of 250 Mega Watts.

Company Acting Managing Director, Victor Mundende, says the deficit has been caused by increased mining, industrial and agricultural investments.

Mr. Mundende says despite this increase, there has been delayed investment in the company’s transmission distribution systems.

ZANIS reports that Mr. Mundende said this at a press briefing in Lusaka this morning. 

He has also cited hydraulic limitations and rehabilitation works as some of the causes of the deficit in generation from the company’s power stations.

He said load shedding management is being carried out to protect the generation equipment, which would automatically shut down should there be an overload, a situation he says would be costly.

Mr. Mundende also stated that ZESCO has put in place short and long term mitigation plans such as the installation and upgrade of substations and transformers.

And Mr. Mundende has disclosed that the current voltage profile of the company in the Northern and Luapula provinces is not good.

He says the profile is expected to improve with the commissioning of the 180 Mega Watts generator at Kariba North Bank and the 50 Mega Watts from Ndola Energy, increasing the overall generation to 1, 835 MW, as compared to the current 1, 605MW being generated.

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