NRFA should pay contractors

Dear Editor!
Please hide my identity to avoid victimization.

The Government through RDA has been giving out contracts for various works related to Roads. These include building Roads, periodic mentance and other related works.
However, it is very difficult to get payments from NRFA.
One wonders why NRFA does not pay us contractors on time because it is getting money every single second that passes around the country through toll gates.
Why does the government use this money meant to pay us the contractors that are maintaining these Roads, which these toll gates are always getting revenue, which this revenue was intended for?

Some of us have not been paid for works as far as February but we are expected to continue to work.

Our workers get paid from the same money that we get paid from NRFA.
What is more annoying is that NRFA does not even want to tell us when we are being paid. The do not want to meet us and always avoiding us, making us look like we are a burden on their lives and yet it is them that are a burden.

This is now Christmas and thousands of families that are dependent on this industry will go hungry because toll fees are being used for other things.

NRFA goes ahead in announcing the millions the are collecting, but are failing to pay the people that help in the road management.

It is time that NRFA publishes the expenditure on which this money is being utilized for.

Come on people, let us get paid so that we can put a blessing on the plates of thousands of our employees table that are dependent on road construction and maintenance.

Desperate Contractor.

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