Nsanda beating GBM supporters in Kasama

Road Development Agency (RDA) chairman Willie Nsanda and his panga-crazy gang on Thursday assaulted a sympathizer of Kasama lawmaker Geoffrey Bwalya Mwamba just outside Shoprite Checkers.

The hooligans battered the youth severely after he told off Nsanda to stop de-campaigning GBM in his territory.

But in his rage, Nsanda instructed his thugs to severely beat up the helplessly young man in public view within the premise of the chain store.

The victim after the punishment at the hands of Nsanda and his gang rushed to Kasama Central police to report the matter.

As usual the compromised PF police led by Charity Katanga are reluctant to arrest Nsanda for assault for fear of losing their jobs.

Nsanda is now hiding in villages in the name of de-campaigning his ex-friend Mwamba in his constituency.

But speaking during a paid for programme on Radio Mano, Mwamba warned Nsanda that he will take-to-his heels faster than he came from Lusaka if he wants to provoke violence in Kasama.

Mwamba urged the police to immediately arrest Nsanda for assault failure to which the people of Kasama will carry out a citizen arrest on him.

The Kasama Central MP charged that Nsanda is a bootlicker who cannot survive in politics without Sata in government.

Mwamba threatened to expose Nsanda’s evil acts soon if he continues with his unsolicited attacks on his personality.

Nsanda is in Kasama dishing out money to villagers ahead of a bye-election in Kasama Central in view of a pending expulsion of incumbent MP Geoffrey Mwamba from the ruling PF.

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