Nsanda is corrupt, can’t even be president for chickens-Kambwili

Sports Minister Chishimba Kambwili has charged that Road Development Agency (RDA) board chairman Willie Nsanda is only suitable to be a president for bus and taxi drivers.
Kambwili told Hot FM Radio that Nsanda should re-establish the United Transport and Taxis Association (UTTA) where he was a president because that is the only organisation he can lead.
Kambwili claimed that Nsanda was born and brought up at a bus station and charged that he was so shallow in his thinking that he cannot even be a president for chickens.
Kambwili said Nsanda should be ‘crippled’ because every time he brings thugs to beat them up (Scott’s faction).
Kambwili reiterated what the Zambian Watchdog wrote about Willie Nsanda’s corrupt dealings at RDA and warned that he is aware that Nsanda wants to back a president who can hide his corruption at RDA.
‘We know some of them what they are hiding ,they (Nsanda) have issues at RDA as board chairman, we don’t want to go into those details, they want to bring someone who can cover them, let them watch out,’ Kambwili warned.
When the current drama in PF was starting, Kambwili and Nsanda were in one team supporting Lungu and Nsanda’s corruption did not matter to Kambwili until they joined different factions.

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