Nsanda linked to RDA break-in probe

The team investigating the break-in at the Road Development Agency (RDA) offices has hit a brick wall because all indicators are showing board Chairman Willie Nsanda was involved.

And Nsanda’s shopping Mall along Great East Road (just near after airport roundabout) is a gift from the Chinese Road construction firm, it has been revealed.

OP and police sources revealed that what happened at RDA offices where the safe containing important documents was broken into was an inside job involving the Chairman himself Nsanda.

“The police forensic records are there and so far it has been difficult to proceed because collaborative evidence shows a trail where the Chairman was heavily involved as he wanted to destroy certain documents relating to road contracts,” revealed a source close to the investigation.

Like we said last time, it was almost impossible to access those offices just located just close to the Office of the President (OP) building with all the security cameras and nearby Police Force Headquarters.

Sources were not sure which particular documents Nsanda particularly wanted but some of them could be related to his Shopping Mall along Great Road, after Airport Round bout.

“Three quarters of works on that Shopping Mall is a gift from some Chinese Road construction company while other resources are from selling huge contract documents,” sources revealed.

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